Friday, March 5, 2010

A Man's Perspective!

Mark arrived home from Cuenca late Thursday evening/morning (3:30 AM to be correct!). He barely got through the door when I asked, "Where's the camera?" He shuffled through his backpack and gingerly handed over the camera.

I wrapped my arms around him and whispered, "Oh, honey, it's wonderful to have you home!" And then I ran upstairs and downloaded the photos (all 70 of them!) onto the computer.

Seventy photos may seem like a lot, but to me--the photographer in the family--it seemed like "muy poco." Partly because 60 of them were of the same thing. I have a video of our apartment, but no pictures. I have pictures of streets (but no people); it was a Sunday! I have a picture of a cathedral (covered up by a tree), and many, many pictures of the river (I know there are four, but I think this was the same one). Oh, and let's not forget the yellow taxi, the pharmacy, and a strip mall.

"So what do you think?" inquired my hubby.
I tried to hide my disappointment, but it was simply too much (or too little?!). The words tumbled out, "That's it? Where are the rest of the pictures?" Mark had a glazed-eye look from lack of sleep and couldn't figure out why I was so upset about.

Of course, he couldn't...that's the difference between a man's perspective and a woman's; we need details...lots and lots of details!
At least he remembered to take a video of the apartment and walked me through it (and that's what he went for), so it was a successful mission for which I am thankful!

Yesterday Mark turned 55 and we celebrated with dinner out, lots of cake, and phone calls galore, so the pictures (or lack of them!) are now a distant memory.
It's no big deal -- right? I'll get to take my own in a few months ("mas/menos").

Until next time...hasta luego!
Connie and Mark
P.S. Thank you Chuck and Nancy for meeting Mark for coffee; it's the only picture I have that is proof that Mark was there (with people and not the river!).

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