Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Today I announced our move to Ecuador during a radio interview and then on Facebook. Within seconds of the announcement, my phone rang off the hook, I received 50 e-mails, and I escaped to the basement with my laptop! Only, the laptop didn't make it down two flights of stairs (it's now dead -- kaput!). Thankfully, I have a clunky old PC that works (sort of!). So I will try to be brief (ha!).

Mark is coming home tomorrow and has rented our new home (pictured above). As he described it to me and as I looked at the pictures online, I thought, "Oh my, it's nicer than our apartment in Sicily! It has two bedrooms and two baths. What more could I ask for!" Then my hubby said, "The only problem is it doesn't have an oven!" I laughed and said, "That's not a problem. You know I never cook/bake except in my crock pot!"

Now to some that might be a deal breaker. Uh-ah...not me! As I understand it; it's cheaper to eat out in Cuenca than to make a meal at home (especially when "almuerzo" lunch is about $1.50 and comes with five courses "mas/menos"). Oh, and the other fine point is when people come to visit, I can use the excuse, "I can't fix dinner...I guess we'll have to eat out tonight!" I'm already loving "home sweet home."

My son was concerned that it was on the sixth floor and I addressed his worrisome thoughts brought on by the recent earthquake in Chile. "Jon, don't worry, when it's our time...it's our time!" I'm not sure that made him feel better (sorry, honey!).

We feel so grateful that we can "end" or life the way we started it: traveling to a different country, learning a "new" language/culture, and being with each other (just like it was before kids!).
"What about the grandchildren?" my friend asked. Well, as of yet, we don't have any and when we do there's this wonderful thing called an "airplane" which takes you anywhere in the world -- not to mention the Internet, Skype, and the phone (Mark called me for six cents a minute!).

"Home is where the heart is" and we can take that anywhere! I especially look forward to meeting our new neighbors, Chuck and Nancy, who so graciously met Mark at the Kookaburra Cafe in Cuenca and treated him just like family!

This past weekend, I spoke at a women's retreat near Philly and one of the ladies came up to me and asked, "But what about your writing...your books...your speaking?" Let me address that right now. Yes, I will continue to write, but it will be for several online sites and who knows...maybe a book about our new journey (someday!).
My parents are excited for us and will most likely come to pay us a visit. If not, I will be available to them whenever they need me. I can jump on a plane and be there within hours (not days!). Oh, and because I'm "retired," I can be available to them 100% of the time!
We already have a guest list of those waiting to book their tickets to Ecuador. Our condo is furnished, so that's a relief (no furniture buying). However, we will be in language school for the first couple of months, so keep that in mind for your travel plans. We'll let you know when we're open for "business."
Life is an adventure and we continue on the journey!

Until next time...hasta leugo!
Connie and Mark

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