Monday, March 15, 2010

House for Sale!

Yesterday we went over things with the realtor and we are putting our house up for sale on March 22nd. We plan on leaving for Ecuador on June 15,2010. We were afraid to put it up any sooner because our neighbors sold their homes in less than two weeks! Yikes. Well, I guess we can always pay the new owner rent until we leave (hmm...I think we can do that?!).

I made a slide show of our house, for memory keepsake (not that I'll miss all the stairs!). I call it our "Tuscan Townhome" because it reminds us of our apartment in Italy (Andre Bocelli is singing in the background). Nice

For those of you who are thinking of this journey, don't try to do it with a son getting married, book deadline, packing your life in four suitcases, and possible knee surgery (all before June 15). My goal is to get out of the States alive!

I changed my life insurance today and we made appointments for the Embassy in Washington, D.C. to get our tourists visas and start the paperwork for our pensioner's visa. We continue to juggle all kinds of balls at the same time. Mark is painting the basement with dry lock right now and I think we're both sick from the fumes, but it had to be done!

My brain is on overload; I walked around with the paint roller in my hand looking for the "paint roller." I ask you, "Who does such a thing?"

Crazy? Maybe! Excited to sell our house? Absolutely! we come!

Until next time...hasta luego!

Connie and Mark

Click here: to view slide show!

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