Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Little Black Bags

Today was exhausting! Mark and I managed to clean out several closets. The walk-in closet in our bedroom is now living up to its name, but not without the accumulation of many little black bags!

I had to take a break from it to write this blog because it's overwhelming when you try to extract your life from files, manila folders, journals, letters, cards, and photos. Since I’m a writer, I find the need to “ooh and ahh” over everything and many times during my escavation I thought, That would make a great article! But I simply ignored the temptation until the job was done!

One of the treasures I unearthed was my original red leather journal from Sicily. The first entry was dated October 23, 1980. It started out with the words, “Saying goodbye is certainly difficult…”

I’m not sure that will get any easier in June 2010, but maybe a little easier in that we have moved 29 times in 35 years of marriage, but somehow we always managed to drag the little black bags along with us!

Today it feels like we accomplished something toward our move, although my book deadline is not budging (May 15, 2010), and I’m afraid I may have to lock myself in one of our “clean” closets in order to get it done. When I signed the contract—ages ago—I had no idea that we were going to move to Ecuador. I thought we were going to retire in Italy (as if that would have made any difference!).

I can also use the excuse that my laptop is fried (the motherboard is cracked), but the technician told me he can still extract the information from the hard drive. I’m looking at pink laptops online and have narrowed my search (I think!).
Then my hubby popped in the door and shouted, “I found it...look here!”
What he was referring to was the MagicJack. It’s a must for anyone living overseas. Using your computer, a phone receiver, and the MagicJack you have created a “land” line and can talk to anyone – anywhere! We communicated with our realtor in Cuenca using the MagicJack and found it better than the real thing! The cost is $20 a year. Next month we are disconnecting all our landlines.

We are having guests this evening (Scrabble night in Spanish), so I need to clear the living room of little black bags.

Until next time…hasta luego!

Connie and Mark

P.S. As promised, I inserted a photo from Mark's recent trip to Cuenca. This is the "Neuva Catedral."

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