Thursday, August 12, 2010

Rocked out of Bed

Yes, it's true...we were rocked out of bed by a 7.1 earthquake at 6:54 a.m. this morning. I thought my hubby was getting "frisky" in bed when I realized our 18-story condo complex was swaying and the girders were grinding. As a native Californian and having lived in Sicily for six years, earthquakes are not new to us, but this one gave us quite a jolt.

Mark and I hardly thought anything of it until we received several e-mails asking if we were okay. Mark is still recovering from his bout with food poisoning, so an earthquake didn't seem like such a big deal but it has received a lot of attention.

All is well in paradise and I'm sure that rocking out of bed isn't such a bad thing -- at least we landed on both feet!

Until next time...hasta luego!

Consuelo y Marco

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