Friday, August 13, 2010

Moving Again!

In one week, I've traveled back from the States, seen my hubby through his first Ecuadorian hospitalization, experienced an earthquake, and now we are moving (on Sunday!) -- my 55th birthday.

Why you ask? Well...let's just say it was a deal we couldn't refuse. Our present rent is $650 and our new rent is $200 (right across the street). Currently we are living in the "Gringo Palace" -- an 18-story condo complex with all the luxuries known to man: a gym, sauna, granite counters, marble floors, and "yes" even barking dogs (lots and lots of them!). Although we have enjoyed this part of the gringo experience, we're ready to switch channels and listen to the rushing sounds of the Tomebamba River from our balcony!

Our "new" condo is associated with the Hotel Oro Verde and is twice as big as our present place and is semi-furnished, which will allow us to add our own touch of Cuenca. We will save $400 a month in doing so, so it's worth dragging our four suitcases across the street. We have also decided that after Mark's recent hospitalization, we should seek medical insurance in case of longer stays or more "food poisoning." 

And then there's the matter of our kids (one is married and one is probably getting married very soon). We have talked about having Christmas in July every year and flying our sons and their spouses down for a little bit of Cuencano cheer.

Mark and I feel like newlyweds. We bought a bed today which will serve as our table, sofa, and study area. Each month we will add a new piece of furniture (table, TV, sofa...) until our house becomes a home. We also love the freedom of being able to walk outside without having to wait 20 minutes for the elevator and going through security check points. I know...I know...some like the extra security and assurance, but I recently told Mark that I feel like I'm under house arrest. We do have 24/7 security at our new place, but there's only one check point and no elevator (we're on the second floor (a total of 14 steps). 

We also adore the sound of the rushing river as we lay in bed at night -- the master bedroom has a full-length balcony and I'm sure we'll be spending most of our days out there.

So we're on the move again, rolling the suitcases with our earthly possessions to our new home which hopefully will be our last move for a while. We added it up last night and realized this is our 32nd move in 35 years of marriage. Phew!

Until our next move...hasta luego!

Consuelo y Marco


Nancy Watson said...

Have a "moving" birthday tomorrow!! Smiles, N&C

Connie Pombo said...

How fun -- eh? I'm so thankful I got to meet you and we'll have to get together when you're back from your trip! Can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Karen Kimbler said...

Stay put! I have been here 6 weeks and still have not met you! Congrats on the great find!
Oh and Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

¡Feliz cumpleaƱos!

Tony Fiore said...

Hi Connie:
We were in Cuenca last month and I think we even looked at your new condo...very nice.Will be coming back in January for a second look. Barking dogs at Palermo? Thanks for the tip.
Tony Fiore
Blog at:

Susan Skitt said...

Oh my, what happenings! I'm sure glad you all are okay and that Marc is coming along after his hospital stay. I had a stay of my own this Spring, quite the adventure - one I'd rather not do again!

Hugs and happy birthday August girl!

Your U-Turn sister.

P.S. Email me when you can. Guess who is looking for submissions again for more U-Turn books? LOL!

Jon & Kim said...

Christmas in July sounds good to me!! :)

Connie Pombo said...

Tony: The Palermo building is Cuenca's newest and finest, but just get the side with the view of the Cajas and not the city. Barking dogs, parties until 4:00 AM and fireworks almost nightly were FUN at first, but we love the sound of the river better!

Susan: Great to hear from you! U-Turns accepting submissions again?!? LOL! Abrazos y besos!

Karen: So glad we got to meet you and Randy. You two are simply the best. HUGS!

Forrest said...

I am retired and plan to be down in Cuenca, along with my son, this July for a month. If all works out we plan to move back as Expats, early 2012. Enjoyed reading your "moving article". Do you have an email address that I could contact you at for more information, etc. on Cuenca. You may email me at Thanks for your time! Forrest

Anonymous said...

Hi I'm just looking for a name of this condo or any others around the price you mentioned of $200.00. My wife and I are moving soon and we only need a small condo for the two of us. This place sounds nice.

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