Thursday, August 26, 2010

Location, Location, Location!

It's amazing how your life can change by walking 50 feet across the street! Since moving to our new condo, we have taken a morning and evening walk along the river, dined on our balcony -- almost every evening -- and go to bed listening to the "negative ions" lulling us to sleep. A simple change of location has changed the way we live!

Today, I received six e-mails regarding where to find the best housing in Cuenca -- all from folks about ready to retire. Although I can't speak to everyone's needs, I will say this is absolutely the best place we have ever lived (and that includes a villa on the Mediterranean in Sicily, Italy). And believe me...that's hard to beat.

It seams that the Tomebamba River has a rhythm all its own, starting at 6:30 a.m. when the joggers, runners, walkers, and rollerbladers start their day. It's not unusual to see whole families walking together before they go to work, followed by the indigenous people doing their laundry along the riverbanks, and then at night more joggers, runners, walkers, and "yes" young lovers strolling hand in hand along the trail.

Yesterday, we happened on a herd of cows who were "mowing" the grass along the river. I didn't have my camera with me, but I have to marvel at the diversity of sights and sounds. And then there are our new friends that we meet and greet each morning, walking their dogs or simply taking in the beauty of the flora and fauna.

Life along the river has a rhythm to it and most of all it's peaceful. Mark asked me tonight during our dinner on the balcony, "What does this place remind you of the most?" I didn't hesitate with my answer. It reminds me of Orinda, Moraga, and Berkeley, California with its eucalyptus trees and rolling green hills and mountains. The river is reminiscent of Bend, Oregon and Stowe, Vermont (minus the cold), but most of all it reminds me of the best location we have ever lived.
Until next time...hasta luego!

Consuelo y Marco

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Connie

You make it sound amazing, indeed. If it's better than Italy, and also reminiscent of Berkley, it sounds quite heavenly. I used to live in Italy too, near Napoli, and loved, loved, loved it, so your description of Cuenca has me quite excited.

Thanks for sharing,


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