Friday, June 1, 2012

Cupcakes in Cuenca!

My new favorite place in Cuenca is Tea Cup's located in the Paseo del Puente Building (open 9-12 a.m. and 4-8 p.m. -- Monday through Friday). If you want to feel like a queen or a king for a day, you have to stop by and sit in the plush purple chairs and enjoy their delicious teas or flavored cappuccinos. Don't ask me why I ordered coffee at a tea place, but it was simply the best. And the cupcakes look too good to eat, but they're scrumptious!

I picked out the Cookie Monster petite cupcake because it was just too cute, but a sweet little girl came up to me, tugged on my shirt sleeve and said, "But that one's for me!"

What was I going to say?

 I remembered from grade school days that blue icing can do a number on your lips and tongue, so I decided on the beautiful mariposa (butterfly) cupcake and made one little girl a very happy "camper."

"Cee-Cee" waited on me and delivered my tiny cupcake to the table with its own special plate and the cappuccino was served with lots of foam -- just the way I like it. I was in cupcake heaven while I watched folks come and go with beautifully decorated boxes filled with "to-go" cakes. And if cupcakes isn't your thing, there's cheesecake and other pastries.

How could I have lived in Cuenca for almost two years and not know about this place? That's the thing about this city; you can be here forever and still find new places tucked away in a "corner." In fact, if you're at the Millenium  (Milenium) Plaza and walk down a few blocks you'll be at Tea Cup's.

I thought I was going to get some writing done, but instead I just enjoyed eating my tiny cupcake and feeling like "Queen for a Day" in Cuenca.

Until next time...hasta luego!

Tea Cup's
Doris Correa (Proprietor)
Jose Peralta y 12 de Abril
Edificio Paseo del Puente 
Cuenca, Ecuador
Tel: 404-8222 or 08-516-1794

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filomena keniiston said...

I cant believe I stay blocks away from T cup and not know about this place

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