Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthdays in Cuenca

Mark says I’m the only person he knows that can stretch a birthday into two months (or more!). I think he’s exaggerating a tad bit, but I have to say it started last month (middle of July) and it’s still continuing!

I’m in good company because there are more birthdays in the month of August than any other month (says Hallmark Greeting Cards). And I think that trend is continuing with all the pregnant tummies I’ve seen around Cuenca (including our neighbor—due any second). It's a girl (shh...it's a secret).

My family started sending packages last month, which was a wonderful surprise. They sent a “coastal care package” which came in handy for our trip to the Puerto Lopez (beach bag, Bath and Body products and new clothes). And we celebrated my 56 candles at the Mandala with coconut ice cream instead of cake!

The one and only coconut ice cream Mandala style!

Recently we went out to the Victoria Hotel (El Jardin Restaurant) for a dinner with friends. Leeann and John are here for a month overseeing construction on their new home and it was their third anniversary, so we made it a grand celebration. Jim and Selene coordinated with the restaurant to have a cake with three candles delivered to our table for a combined birthday/anniversary celebration! By the way, if you want a lovely place to enjoy a special occasion, El Jardin is the place. The restaurant has a gorgeous view of the Barranco area (window seating) and the service is impeccable, complete with servers wearing suits, ties, and white gloves! The last time anyone served me with white gloves was on our 25th wedding anniversary cruise ten years ago.

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Leeann and John!

Hotel Victoria on Calle Larga
 And then yesterday, the security guard stopped me and said, “Tengo un sobre para Usted!” (I have an envelope for you!). It was actually a package/envelope with memories of my Paris trip two years ago with my dear friend, Katerina. She even included a new Bath and Body fragrance “Paris Amour.” Can you tell we’re lacking Bath & Body products here in Cuenca? If someone wants to start a franchise in Ecuador, I’ll be your best customer!

Dos Amigas: "Katerina & Concetta"

We don't have the Eiffel Tower in Cuenca, but we have the Church of Turi all lit up at night!

Oh, the Paris pastries....(but Cuenca comes pretty close).

Later this week friends are taking us to the Yunguilla Valley for more celebrating and dinner at Bambu. Since Mark starts teaching “full-time” at CEDEI in September, we’re trying to get in as much celebrating as possible. Lots of blog readers are in town this month and more are due to arrive in September…so let the festivities continue.

Maybe this will be the year that I celebrate my birthday all year long!

Until next time…hasta luego!

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