Sunday, April 10, 2011

"Houseboat" and Friends!

It’s always fun to meet bloggers, Facebook friends, and other folks who come to Cuenca for a visit. I like to get their first impressions and thoughts on the city and hear about their plans for the future. Some come to invest, others come to live here part-time, and the rest sell everything and now call Cuenca home. There’s no right or wrong way!

Retiring overseas used to be considered a luxury, but today it's almost a necessity -- especially for the baby boomer generation. We're thankful we can combine both retirement and luxury in Cuenca!

This weekend we had fun dining, going to concerts, eating out with friends, meeting new folks in town and attending cultural events. Not all our weekends are this full, but there’s a lot going on with pre-Easter activities. It’s been fun to slosh around in the rain while hopping from one event to the other. The river is at full roar with no sign of letting up. Normally we can see boulders popping out of the water, but they’re completely buried under a rush of white water rapids.

We’re so close to the Tomebamba that we’ve already made an exit plan in case the river overflows its banks (which is unlikely!). We can jump from our second story balcony and man the life rafts (which we don’t have). We had friends over on Saturday who commented, “This is like being on a houseboat!” That’s probably the best description of our place that I’ve heard yet. We’re enjoying our new “vacation” home!

Sunday we took a break from our "houseboat" and met up with blogger friends, Bill and Donna, who are here to check out Cuenca. We enjoyed “almuerzo” at La Esquina where an art festival was going on. We’ll catch up with them later on in the week for some Chicago Pizza after they’ve had an opportunity to view some properties. We’re excited to see what life has in store for them. Although the days of $30,000 luxury condos are gone, there are still some really great deals in Cuenca and the surrounding areas.

Back at the” houseboat,” we’re winding down from the weekend and we're enjoying being lulled to sleep with the sound of "waves lapping at our feet"!

Until next time…hasta luego!


karenp said...

I'm so glad you're able to spend some time with Donna and Bill! :-) Looks like you're having fun!

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Karen. They are such wonderful people. They fit in perfectly and I think they LOVE it here. Looking forward to more visits.

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