Monday, January 10, 2011

Home Again!

“Where’s your laptop?” my hubby asked.

“Oh no!” I screamed, “I left it in the hotel room.”

Mark noticed the disappearance of my laptop after we checked in for a flight from Quito to Cuenca on Friday afternoon (on our way back from our three-week stay in the States).

While in Quito, we stayed at the lovely Eugenia Hotel and since our flight didn’t leave until the following evening, we explored Quito and the El Jardin Mall (as if we didn’t do enough shopping in America!).

Normally, we play it safe and allow ample enough time at the airport; however, at the Mall Jardin we simply lost track of our “minds” when we found Cinnabon (the most recognizable scent in the world). When we checked our watches, we screeched in unison, “Yikes, our plane leaves in an hour!”

We told the LAN attendant to put our luggage on standby, hailed a taxi, and declared an emergency and away we went. The taxi driver weaved in and out of traffic at a speed I haven’t seen since I was in Italy and announced, “Il bambino esta per arrivare!” I was blowing away contractions while the Italian taxi driver waved his white handkerchief out the window (a signal to oncoming traffic to watch out and pull over). Although our Quito trip was a much milder version of the above, it was still cause for alarm: pedestrians became walking targets!

The hotel was aware of our situation and waited at the curb for handoff of the “goods” and away we went. One block from the airport, I let myself off and ran the rest of the way while Mark dealt with the carry-on luggage.

We arrived 10 minutes before departure. The security guards waved us through, escorted us to the plane, where a welcoming and gracious crew from LAN Airlines gave us smiles of appreciation.

Lesson learned: Count and recount pieces of luggage until you come up with the same number at least three times. If not, don’t leave for the airport.

As for our time in the States, it was marvelous. Jeremy, Jon and Kim met us in San Francisco for a Pombo-Rowley Family Reunion. I was so proud of our daughter-in-law, Kim, for surviving her first Italian Christmas at Mark’s family’s place. She was such a trooper.

As for our trip to California, it was a success, but we’re so thankful to be back home. Mocha greeted us with licks of love! Mark cried, I cried, and I believe Mocha cried as well (at least he made a sound similar to “weeping”). Our friends, Christina and Tim, stayed at our place and took care of our baby while we were gone.

We definitely feel home again and next Christmas we’re sending the kiddos to Ecuador (we’re still getting over sticker shock in the States!).

Until next time…hasta luego!


Carolyn Byers Ruch said...

Ahh, glad you're home and back with your Mocha. Hugs to you both.

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Carolyn! We missed our baby and it was so amazing to see his little face light up when we entered the room. I'll never forget that moment. Today he learned how to shake hands. I'm telling you; he's a smart one!

Sue and Pat said...

I have missed reading your blog. I feel like we are old friends and I haven't even met you. Pat and I are really getting excited about our upcoming trip in February, especially as I have been looking out our front window at the snow that has been falling all day. Looking forward to new posts. Sue

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Sue! Our trip to the States was a roller-coaster ride and not much time for writing. But we're back to paradise, so I'll be posting a lot more often. We have you down on the calendar for February -- let us know dates as time gets closer and we would love to go out to dinner with you! ~ Un abrazo fuerte Connie

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