Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Country Club Life in Cuenca

There was an International Tennis Championship going on at the Cuenca Tennis and Golf Club this weekend, so we checked it out. We landed on the bleachers about the time the women's singles was winding up. I have to admit, I'm not a tennis buff, but this game was a non-stop thrill ride and my arms were actually sore after hitting the imaginary ball back and forth. Mark had to move down a few spots, so I wouldn't "hit" him!

Afterwards we checked out the facilities, received complimentary drinks, enjoyed an amazing lunch and watched the game from the club house.

Personally, I didn't even know that a country club existed in Cuenca until all the players (coming from the States, Paraguay, Bolivia, Argentina and other parts of the country) kept running into me (literally!). They were staying next door at the Hotel Oro Verde and I managed to get sideswiped by their tennis bags a few times (wow, those things are huge!). Mark and I ended up going on the last day of the tournament (Saturday, January 29th) and thoroughly enjoyed our time.

We also checked out the racquetball courts, the golf course, the swimming pool and the various other amenities, but decided that the $6,000 (membership fee) plus $100 a month wasn't in our budget. Mark has a gym membership right next door to where we're living and I head to Banos at least three times a week for pool therapy, so I think we're "set"! 

The Cuenca Country Club is a lovely place, halfway between the Hotel Oro Verde and the Cajas (a 20 minute drive from our place) and located in a picturesque setting. We saw some folks we knew and chatted with them and met some other wonderful folks who invited us to their table for lunch, so it was a great experience.

So if you're looking for a Country Club in Cuenca, check it out (I'm still amazed at the diversity of what we keep finding here).

Until next time...hasta luego!

The winner of the women's singles was from Quito, Ecuador!

Awards Ceremony to the top four players (men's and women's singles)

One of the many eating areas and restaurant upstairs.

Patio eating area with view of the tennis courts.


The nine-hole golf course
The racquetball and weight room area


Angela said...

Connie, Thank you SO MUCH for this information! Dave & I play tennis & are both golfers...not tour level by any stretch but we enjoy the game & it is something we want to continue to enjoy in retirement. We knew Cuenca had a 9-hole course & this was a factor in our considering Cuenca. We did not have time to check it out when there in December & I have found it hard to find out any information about membership costs, monthly fees, etc. This post was extrememly helpful & encouraging for us. If you could pass on any additional info such as what the $100/month includes that would be just peachy! Again, muchas gracias!!

Connie Pombo said...

Angela, glad I could help! It truly is a beautiful place. We spoke with one of the members while we were there and he is the one who gave us the $6,000 per year figure and $100 dues per month. I think they have complimentary meals at special events (like yesterday that were for members only), etc. Here's an e-mail you can direct your questions to: They speak English!

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