Friday, October 1, 2010

Political Unrest?

By now you've probably heard the news: political unrest in Ecuador.

Living in Cuenca, you would hardly know that something was going on except yesterday stores were closed, children didn't go to school, and the familiar police presence around our neighborhood was absent. Other than minor incoveniences like trying to go grocery shopping and having SuperMaxi shut down, it was life as usual. It seemed more like a holiday or a Sunday afternoon, rather than "political unrest."

Yes, I'm sure if you live in downtown Quito or Quayquil, you may have a different take on the subject. In Cuenca,there were no mass riots, people being killed or looting. Cuencanos have learned to take these things in stride and have a "so what" kind of attitude.

As a precaution, Americans living in Ecuador have been urged to stay at home and report their status to the US Consulate in case the political situation escalates. Airports in Quayaquil and Quito (and other major cities were closed yesterday), along with some major roads. Colombia and Peru closed their borders. And President Correa was held up in the hospital for 12 hours after having a bout with tear gas; he slipped away via wheelchair!

So what does this all mean? For now, it means that President Correa and the police have some homework to do! Having lived in Sicily for six years, we are familiar with this sort of thing and normally it runs its course and things go back to normal. But then again, we had the Mafia to take over where the police left off.

Things are normal in the Pombo House: Mocha is back with us (a long story!), and daily walks along the river continue. Life goes on (political unrest or not!).

Until next time...hasta luego!

Consuelo, Marco y Mocha


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear there was a change of heart and you are all safe. Mary

Idea Merchant said...

Hi Connie,

This is not a comment. Why would you need any more of my comments after the pool session? :-) This is a hello-very nice to meet you -hope to see you again message. Could not find your email address in this blog :-(

Anyway, please write to ideamerchant at And please pass on to (o God, her name has just slipped out of my stupid consciousness) you lovely friend that it was wonderful to meet both of you and that our pool chat was delightful, in so far as I am concerned :-) Also please thank her for leaving me directions to the concert at the front desk. As it happened, I came to the little French place right after them. but there and then I realized that I did not have enough cash for the cab to the concert and back ¨home¨, i.e. to my hotel. So, I had a lovely crepe with salad, a glass of wine, an espresso and that chocolate filled bomb :-)
Hope that you enjoyed the concert, and that we will meet at many other concerts and pool sessions.



Clarke said...

Mocha is back! Goody! More pics of the little beast please.

Connie Pombo said...

Mary, I'm so glad our story had a happy ending (all is well in the Pombo House). The three of us are extremely happy!

Clarke, sure thing...lots more pictures of Mocha to come(especially with his red bullet-proof vest on). Hysterical! I will have to dedicate an entire blog to Mocha's return (and Mocha's wardrobe). ;-)

Yana, great to meet you at our pool party! Ria is such a sweet lady and we always have so much fun. She's a great Spanish teacher and is a wealth of information. I think we had all the countries represented in the pool yesterday. Glad you enjoyed Sucre Sale Cafe -- one of our favorite places. Nothing like a little of Paris in Cuenca! I wlll email you with the information you requested. Un abrazo fuerte!

Karen Kimbler said...

Very happy you were able to compromise and get Mocha back. I feared for Marcos safety.. :>)

Connie Pombo said...

You and me both, Karen! ;-)

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