Tuesday, September 28, 2010

It's a Pool Party!

What happens when you get five men and three ladies in the pool?

It’s a pool party!

Every Monday and Thursday, I head to Banos (terapias termales) to combine leisure, language and pool therapy. Why Monday and Thursday you ask? Well, let’s just say the water is “mas limpia.” Those are the days they “clean” the pool.
The same group shows up on Monday and Thursday because they know our little “secret”—clean water! After four hours in the pool, doing laps, and chatting with my “nuevos amigos,” I’m ready for lunch at Hosteria Duran’s Restaurant. After a few more “language lessons,” I hit “banos turcos.” There’s a another whole other group of friends there—some stay for six hours in the steam room (taking 30 minute breaks) and then there’s Signora Pombo who lets herself out after 15 minutes!

“Mis neuvos maestros de espanol” are the best thing since language school. Each week, I bring a new set of verbs and vocabulary I want to practice and they correct me. I also learned some things not to say (not all things you pick up on the street are good!), so for now I’m sticking with my pool Spanish for the correct pronunciation and usage.

Everyone finds their own way to learn espanol: some go to language school for a bit and practice what they’ve learned; others need something more informal—like a pool party—and for others a combination of the above works best.

I look forward to meeting with my pool friends every week (we’re like family), and there’s nothing that breaks down barriers like exercising in the warm thermal baths with new friends to spark up conversation. “Mis neuvos amigos de piscina” are keepers.

Until our next pool party…hasta luego!

Hasta luego!


Miss Footloose said...

What about the massage?? Didn't you get one?

We didn't meet you on Monday the 13th, sorry to say, when my man and I visited the banos for the first time. It was a bit cool, but the massages we received were fabulous, and the lunch at the Hosteria Duras was very good.

Maybe when we come back in Cuenca in January, we'll be allowed to join your pool party?

Connie Pombo said...

Nope, no massage yet, but that's on my list!

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