Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Museum of Modern Art

Last night I watched a program on television that highlighted all the amazing museums in Cuenca.

Did you realize you could literally visit one museum a week for a year (or was that churches?). Anyway, I woke up my hubby to tell him the great news! I’m not so sure he appreciated it, but he must have absorbed something because we found ourselves at the Museum of Modern Art this morning (admission was free).

Mark is not a museum kind of guy, so I thought I would have to drag him there but surprisingly he came willingly. Today was one of those picture perfect days complete with white fluffy clouds and azure blue skies. Not exactly museum type of weather! As it turns out, the Museum of Modern Art is mostly outdoors, so thankfully I didn’t hear Mark complain once—not even a whimper.

We took our time meandering through the long halls (outdoors) and actually had fun playing with the different works of art. Our favorite was the “The Eyes on You." There were many more exhibits indoors, but we mostly played outdoors.

Yesterday was not a good day for us (read post "Change!"). We had a bad case of homesickness for our boys and if we stayed indoors we would have succumbed to tears again, which I did not want to do. So we forced ourselves on the bus and asked about eight different people where the Museum of Modern Art was and we got eight different answers. That’s okay, we needed the exercise.

In case you’re interested, it’s at Plaza de San Sebastian, just as you come into town. There are several outdoor eateries, a beautiful fountain, and lots of pigeons. They certainly know where the food is (don’t they?).

Afterwards we headed to Parque Calderon and had “almuerzo” at one of our favorite restaurants (Raymipampa) for “pollo y arroz.” We’ve learned from experience to order “uno para dos” because the portions are huge…I mean huge! We take the rest home and feed off of it for 3-4 days, adding sautéed vegetables to the mix. The portion is $5.00, but there must be an entire chicken in it (minus the head and the feet). We have figured out that it costs less to eat out than to prepare meals at home. You don’t hear me complaining about that!

Afterwards we headed for ice cream at Tutto Freddo for our “helado” fix. We shared a brownie and ice cream ($2.00), but again the portion was huge! And what I love most about eating ice cream in Cuenca, is it always comes with little spoons that look like shovels.

Mark has decided he likes visiting museums (I think it’s the food he remembers most). But we had a great day and I think we’ll continue on our schedule of visiting one museum per week.

Until next time…hasta luego!

Consuelo y Marco

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