Saturday, June 5, 2010

On Our Way to Cuenca

Hubby is rushing me along, so I will be brief (ha!).

We leave for the airport in one hour and will arrive in Cuenca this afternoon! We've enjoyed our time in Quito and met with our attorney Gabriela Espinosa to finalize our permanent resident visas. We feel at home already and can hardly wait to get to our condo.

Hasta pronto!

Concetta y Marco


Nancy Watson said...

I am sorry that I am not in Cuenca to greet you two. We will get together after I return on June 18th. You may run into Chuck in the mean time.

Karen Kimbler said...

Look at you... You are BLOOMING... so glad its going well.

Abbey said...

it was so great to meet you last night! Hope you enjoyed that delicious restaraunt as much as we did...and are enjoying Cuencan prices as well! we loved hearing your story! it is so awesome that you guys are retiring down here...I know you will love it!

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