Thursday, June 3, 2010

If It Was Easy Everyone Would be Doing It!

I'm sitting in the Miami airport waiting for our connection to Columbia and then on to Ecuador.

The last ten days have been filled with joy-filled and stressful moments. I don't suggest anyone try to attempt a transcontinental move at the same time as their son's wedding. We spent the last week closing on our house, moving to a hotel, housing groomsmen, returning rental cars, settling financial affairs, hosting out-of-town guests for the wedding, and packing! No wonder I posted the sticky note on my computer "If it was easy everyone would be doing it!"

The wedding was beautiful, even though we mixed up the times (don't listen to the groom!), and showed up a little late for family pictures. I'll have to do some photo shop editing when we arrive in Cuenca. We had so much going on at the same time, I couldn't take it all in.

But today we are on our way after our oldest son drove us to the Baltimore-Washington Airport with a few more suitcases than we had intended to bring. Funny how those little scraps of paper start to add up. So at the last moment we were juggling things around in suitcases to meet the weight limit.

Our last supper in America was delightful. We dined at "The Acqua Restaurant" near Aloft Hotel. It was absolutely decadent and we toasted to our new life. We made a sacred promise to one another after Mark heard me whimper again about missing wedding pictures. He gave me that look and said, "From this day forward, we are moving ahead and we're not going to bring up the past again."

I shook my head sideways and then up and down, struggling with the magnitude of the "vow" I was about to take and said, "Okay, I promise."

That was yesterday and I feel better already. This move has been the most difficult thing I have ever done and at the same time...the easiest! Only those who have made the journey can truly understand. I know our family members are still a bit perplexed and still have questions, but hopefully as we settle in and start having them down to visit they will no longer have doubts.

If it was easy, everyone would be doing an understatement. But then again, I'm glad they are not! We're keeping Cuenca a little bit of a "secret" for a while longer.

Hasta pronto!

Marco y Concetta

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Karen Kimbler said...

I hope you have arrived safely and sanely in EC and are breathing a sigh of relief.

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