Friday, February 5, 2010


I'm not sure how it happened, but the weatherman was right -- it's snowing (blizzard-like conditions!). Our plans for this weekend had to be cancelled due to the weather, but I'm rather thankful for the change in events as it's perfect writing weather!

Last night I found this awesome site: "destination Ecuador." There was more information on that website in concentrated form than I have found anywhere else on the Internet, and the photos are gorgeous.

I love how the contributor explained the taxi service. Give the "taxista" a $5.00 bill before you get in the taxi so he is forced to give you change. A complete list of charges are available on the site. It's hard to believe that you can go basically from one side of town to the other for $5.00. Having been in France and Austria this past year, I can tell you that it wasn't cheap!

Without having been to Cuenca yet, Mark and I have a feel for the land and the layout of the city. Many of the YouTube videos are couples who are coming to search out housing options in Cuenca. We've watched one particular video several times already and each time we catch something different.

The wind is howling outside, but my weather channel guide for Cuenca tells me that I could be a lot more comfortable with a stable temperature all year round. "Eternal spring" sounds nice right about now!

I cleaned the hall closet today and sold some more stuff on E-bay. I have a system now, so it's more efficient. I also have color-coded sticky dots with a price sheet for the garage sale in May. When I come across something, I stick a tag on to match the color-coded price board. That should makes things run more smoothly.

There are a few major obstacles which we face every time we move and that's the picture albums. I literally have 20 albums with hundreds of hours of work -- filled with precious memories. So I think they will be shipped with a box of other non-negotiable (paintings from Italy, ceramic plate and figurine). Those four items were bought on our last day in Sicily before we returned after six years! It's not the "materialistic" attachment I have to them, it's the memories. I remember the day distinctly: I was pregnant with our youngest son and we were wandering the streets of Taormina during the "Fragola Festival" the first week of May. There was that moment in time when I stopped, felt Jon kick me hard in my tummy, as if to say, "Don't take me back to America...I love it here!" After some fragola gelato, I was fine!

We're looking forward to more memories filled with new people, places, and things! Oh, and no more snow!

Hasta luego!

Connie and Mark

P.S. I fell asleep and hit the "publish" button by mistake! I'm on cold medicine and I keep nodding off. I wanted to post a photo of our I'll add that. It was taken in May at Jon's graduation and now he will be getting married this May (Kim is our daughter-in-love to be!).

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