Thursday, February 4, 2010

Snow in the Forecast

Yep, you guessed it...a winter snow warning has been issued. Tomorrow we are "promised" to be hammered with anywhere from 10 inches to two feet of snow! When someone asks me why we're moving to Ecuador, I have a simple three-word answer: "No more snow!" The snow shovel is in place, ice melt has been found (the last bag was bought this evening), and now we wait and watch!

In the meantime, we're preparing in earnest for our next adventure. Mark talked with our realtor in Cuenca this evening. He answered all of our questions to our delight and satisfaction. Mark is now dubbed "Christopher Columbus" as I set him off on his journey at the end of February. It's part birthday/retirement gift. His official last day of work is in a couple of weeks at which time he will take six weeks of vacation. When he returns on April 1, he will turn in his key (20 plus years at United Parcel Service in Management).

Everyone asks why I'm not going on this first trip. Quite frankly I would love to go, but I have a book contract (May 15 is the deadline!) and I NEED to finish it...even if I have to lock myself in the closet! Jon our youngest son is getting married (May 30th) and we have a house to prepare to sell.

My goal is to clean a drawer or closet a day and sell what I find on E-bay. So far that has been working out; I can't believe what people buy! What I think no one could possibly want (like Mark's old ski boots) often strike the highest number of bidders. Wait until I tackle the basement!

I have a full speaking/writing schedule up until the wedding, so I don't have a moment to waste. Mark is already in retirement mode and I'm scurrying around trying to get things in by their deadline. I can't wait until we can be on the same "time zone" in our daily duties.

My publisher e-mailed and asked, "So what plans do you have for marketing your book?" I had to write a lengthy e-mail back to her stating that my plans had changed (indefinitely!). Hmm...not what she wanted to hear. Oh well...

This blog is being kept a secret (well, almost a secret!) until the unveiling on March 4, 2010 when Mark returns from Ecuador. At that time, we will make a "formal" announcement. I can't wait....

Back to cleaning those drawers, closets, and waiting for the snow!

Hasta leugo!

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