Thursday, November 20, 2014

World Class Orchids and the International Film Festival

If we were back in the States right now, we would be shoveling snow, making sure the car didn't freeze overnight so we could get to work, and planning our holiday schedule around the weather system patterns.

I reminded myself of that last week as I was walking through the Orchid Festival at Mall del Rio. It's November in Cuenca and not only did I get to enjoy orchids inside the convention center, but outside -- as well -- on my walk to and from the mall.

The International Orchid Festival and Film Festival coincide with one another, which makes for some spectacular day and evening dates. The entrance fee to see the orchids is $2.00 and includes displays from the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Italy, and, of course, Ecuador. Not only are the orchids on display, but a Bonsai exhibition and flower arrangement extravaganza can be seen as well. The smell of orchids wafting through the air stays with you long after you leave the convention center.

Mark and I attended the opening of the film festival and got to meet some of the actors and directors. Not until I got home and looked up everyone's name did I realize...these people are famous! The first film we saw was "La vida es facil con los ojos cerrados" by director David Trueba. It's a fascinating story about an English teacher who interviews John Lennon in the '60's and takes a trip to Spain to see the singer on location (along with two "students" that happened to come across his path). It won the Goya Award (Spain's version of the Academy Awards) for best film, best director, best original writing and best lead actor.

This evening, we'll be seeing Boyhood at Multicines Millenium Plaza. Where else can you attend free films all during the week without having to shovel snow to get there?

See ya at the movies!


Linda said...

Lovely photos.

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Linda! It's one of my favorite events during the year. I've become an orchid lover while living in Ecuador!

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