Saturday, April 14, 2012

Piedra de Agua, Founder's Week and Weddings!

When I head to Baños, I normally go to Hosteria Duran, but just up the hill is Piedra de Agua which is now fully functional and all the pools are up and running.

The first time I went to Piedra de Agua it didn't look quite finished and that's because it wasn't!  Now with all the facilities open, it's delightful and perfect for a day of pampering. I ordered a "jugo de piña" by poolside and was impressed with the attentiveness of the staff (all of which speak some English).  For $2.24 (tax included), my pineapple delight was delivered in a huge glass (twice as much as I've received at restaurants in Cuenca).

It was our first week back to teaching, so I thought a little pampering was in order and even the weather cooperated. We're back to "normal" Cuenca weather (sunny mornings with afternoon showers). Our schedules are even synchronized; Mark teaches in the afternoon, so we have our mornings and evenings together.

With all the Founder's Day activities going on this week, it's nice to have time to explore some of the craft fairs, food events, and traditional dancing. And last night we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset and fireworks from our balcony! It was a perfect end to a day of pampering and shopping. This upcoming week we also start back to Spanish classes (required of all CEDEI teachers -- 3 times a week for 2 hours), so this was our last weekend without homework so we're living it up until Monday.

Today after teaching, I got to witness my first Cuencano wedding and it was amazing. Everyone was lining the streets waiting for the bride to exit the antique car with her father. As I looked around, I realized that the guests were more dressed up than the bridesmaids. That explains all the "prom" dresses that I see in the stores around the city; they actually wear them to weddings! 

The bride was radiant and was so kind to let everyone take pictures of a wedding that we weren't even invited to. I counted 14 flower girls and junior bridesmaids (not counting the one in the maid of honor's arms) and the male escorts.

We had lunch with friends at the Coffee Tree and watched as the procession continued with guests arriving by bus and then two hours later they all emerged again with a spray of rose pedals and rice for good luck. The "get-away" car was also decorated with a large bouquet of roses on the hood and white bows in the back.

Hopefully, one of these days I'll be invited to a wedding so I can finally wear the only little black dress that I brought to Cuenca.

It's hard to get back into a rhythm of school and teaching after our last break, but that just means more trips to Piedra de Agua!

Until next time time...hasta luego!

New Chicken Soup stories coming out -- highlighting our trip to Cuenca:  "Just Breathe" and "The White Light" (May 22, 2012 and September 4, 2012). 



I have followed your blogs since my first visit to Cuenca last June and
LIVING AND RETIRING in Ecuador was my first purchase when I got my Kindle.
I must have bookmarked almost every other page!
The wedding you came across reminds me of one my husband and I saw in Jaipur,India although instead of a flower-bedecked antique car, there were elephats and horses.
I am now in Cuenca, ready to apply for residency and seeking friends and an apartment. I would love to take you up on the offer in your book to meet you for lunch at El Tunel.

Anne sangine said...

I have followed your blog with great interest since my first visit to Cuenca last June-July and LIVING AND RETIRING IN CUENCA was the first book
I bought when I got my Kindle (I have bookmarked almost every other page).

The wedding you came across reminds me of one my husband encountered by accident in Jaipur, India, but instead of a flower-bedecked car, there were elephants and horses.

I would love to take you up on the offer in your book to sometime meet you for lunch at El Tunel. I am back in Ecuador ready to apply for my residency visa and eager to make new friends -- and find an apartment. My email address is



Connie Pombo said...

Hi Anne,
Thank you for your kind comments. I would love to meet you at El Tunel. I'm just starting school and teaching this week, so I will be in touch very soon. All the best to you! ~Connie

Anonymous said...

Hello there!

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Connie Pombo said...

Hi Malte!
Thanks so much for your interest in my blog! I would be honored to be linked to I will be in touch with you!
Kindest regards,


Gary said...


I met you on your run around the Rio.
I am Gary Sisk



Connie Pombo said...

Hi Gary,
Yes, Mark told me that he met you around the Rio (great place to meet folks!). I'll be sure to give him your e-mail address!

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