Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year and Hail!

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Today was the perfect "four seasons in one day" in Cuenca, complete with bean-sized hail. After two days of rain, the warm sunshine, blue skies and white fluffy clouds were a welcome relief. We had brunch with friends at the Coffee Tree and then did some shopping before Mark had to teach his afternoon English class.

As we walked to Supermaxi in the Vergel Shopping Center, I watched as the ominous dark clouds started to form. When the weather heats up quickly in the early afternoon and the clouds form into a dark blue mass on the horizon, you know there's going to be some "fireworks."

We finished up our shopping--waiting for the chocolate croissants to get out of the bakery oven--and caught a taxi back home. As I stepped inside our apartment, the sky let loose. I made a mad dash for the balcony to retrieve Mocha just as the hail started to pelt the windows. The combination of lightening, thunder and hail made Mocha run for cover under the bed while I tried to sweep the hail out the door.

I have to say this is the largest size hail I've seen in Cuenca. I even saved a few chunks in the freezer to serve  as a reminder of just how quickly the weather can change in "paradise." Unfortunately, when we have a whopper of a storm like we had today, there's always a "little" flooding that comes along with it. Our master bedroom is  right off the balcony, so we always keep extra towels in the closet to keep the water on the right track. After the watery mess was cleaned up, Mocha came out of hiding and I let him lick up the rest of the hail drops!

An hour later when Mark returned from teaching, the entire episode was history and Leap Year in Cuenca jumped into the history books.

Until next time...hasta luego!

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