Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seattle in Cuenca?!?

I thought I was imagining the whole thing until I heard one of the ESL teachers (at CEDEI) comment, “This weather makes me feel right at home!” 

When I asked him where he was from, he said, “Seattle!”

September has been filled with a blanket of gray skies, but we’ve been too busy to notice what the weather’s  been like! We have such a rich and full life that I hardly know what we did with all our time before we went back to school and Mark started teaching. 

Blue Skies?
During the weekdays we’re in Spanish Class at CEDEI, Mark’s teaching English, and on the weekends we play—normally doing things with the students or teachers at CEDEI. It has brought us into an entirely new and exciting world. Most of the teachers at CEDEI are in their 20’s (having just finished college or working on their Masters ) and the other half are in their 50’s—many of whom travel the world teaching English. There’s no middle ground.  Those who are in their 30’s and 40’s are still back in the States putting in their 20 years of hard labor so they can PLAY when they grow up!

Home on the Range!

Since I’m slated to teach in January, I’m trying to catch up on my writing and get to the next level in Spanish so I don’t sound like an 6th grader the rest of my life. Mark and I are not your typical expats, so please don’t follow our example! 

Students and Teachers at CEDEI  -- on the weekends!
I thought my writing was suffering (with all the activity) until I received two acceptance notices this week and one was from the Chicken Soup series. The book won’t be out until May 2012, but it’s the story of how we came to Cuenca  (the roller coaster ride).  Looking back on it, it was pretty “stormy” weather getting here, but now we can enjoy the fruits of our labor. I don’t envy any of you who are going through the packing, selling and getting here stage. But once you’re here, you’ll almost forget what you went through to get “south of zero”!

Roasting in the Country!
If you find yourself talking about the weather in Cuenca, then it’s time to travel, study or volunteer. Yes, it’s a lot like “Seattle in Cuenca,” and probably not the best place to live if you suffer from seasonal affective disorder, but one thing is for sure—you will never have to worry about heat or humidity!

Until next time...hasta luego!


regnaD kciN said...

Ahem...for the record, this September in Seattle was mostly warm and sunny, with temperatures reaching into the upper 80s! (It has returned to steady monsoons now that we're in October.)

Connie Pombo said...

I think we're more in a sunny pattern now as well; more of a "normal" for Cuenca: sunny mornings, afternoon clouds and then rain in the evening. That makes me smile!

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