Friday, July 29, 2011

Your Pets Abroad

Some expats bring their “children” with them to Cuenca and others—like us—adopted our baby once we arrived. Those of you who have kept up with our blog know about our Mocha story, and a year later we can’t imagine our lives without him. Mocha is a little guy for his age (about 7 pounds) and can fit comfortably in my purse, but certainly not for long trips!

When we started planning for our coastal vacation, one of our major considerations was how to board Mocha. The last time we were in the States, we had a couple stay at our place and it worked out perfectly. But that couple is now on a worldwide tour and won’t be back in Cuenca for the foreseeable future, which meant we had to find suitable houseparents or think about boarding Mocha.

Hostal de los Perros came to our rescue when we read about their information on the Gringo Tree. Auntie Hazel and Uncle Wally have opened up their lovely place to make a home away from home while Mommy and Daddy are away.

As soon as we met Hazel and Wally, we were convinced that they were the only ones that could take care of our little darling while we were away. And not only did they take care of all of Mocha’s needs, they sent us updates with pictures to let us know that all was well. In fact, Mocha was having such a good time with his new housemates—Velky and Seamus (Hazel and Wally’s kids) that I hardly think Mocha gave us a second thought!

It’s a bit like sending your kids away to college: you pack up their things, help them get settled and then cry all the way home. But we didn’t have those tearful feelings because we knew that Mocha was going to love his new “castle” complete with a “casita” and a gorgeous backyard with garden.

When we picked up Mocha after our eight-day vacation we were ready to see our little guy, but I believe he didn’t miss us as much as we missed him. He found a new home with Auntie Hazel, Uncle Wally, Velky and Seamus.

If you’re thinking of taking a vacation and can’t bring along your “children,” rest assured that there is a home away from home for them at Hostal de los Perros!

Until next time…hasta luego,

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