Friday, May 20, 2011

Down Under!

Monday I was feeling a little off and then Tuesday night after dinner—with some new friends to Cuenca— I was down under. “La gripe” hit like ten-foot waves and I got swallowed up. I couldn’t move, barely could lift my head off the pillow and ached from head to toe. My fever broke on Thursday, so I felt a little more human, but not really.

“Yes,” even in paradise we get sick! It hurts even more because I was just about to blog on how wonderful it’s been to enjoy perfect health all year.

The flu season in Ecuador is Apri-May (I did not know this!). In Ecuador it’s called “la gripe estacional”– seasonal flu. You don’t want this—whatever it is. Mark even threatened to put me in quarantine and finally made me go to the doctor today because I lost my voice. Can you believe that? What good is a writer without her voice?

Little squeaks came out of my mouth instead of full sentences, so Mark had to talk on the phone with Dr. Parra. He offered to meet us at the hospital (Monte Sinai). Since his office was being remodeled by a lovely expat couple, we went downstairs to the ER where he checked me out thoroughly, including making me gag on the tongue depressor. I simply cannot stand that little stick! After the official diagnosis, I was sent home with two scripts and a warning not to drink cold liquids—just tepid. And rest, rest, rest.

It would be simple except we have lots of blog readers coming into town this week and I want to be out celebrating with them. We’ve seen them through the birth of an idea to the final “pack up your bags” and get on the plane stage. It’s been fun to get the updates from their Blackberry, including—“boarding the plane now.” You just can’t help but get excited for them. I hope they can hear me “squeak” from the bleachers! We might have to put off celebrating—for a week or so—until I get my voice back.

This isn’t exactly how I planned to celebrate this weekend—down under. But if I’m a really good girl, I plan to be back on the streets of Cuenca finding some more good stories to share with you. I’m using this bedside time to write some Chicken Soup stories and enjoy going through our son and daughter-in-law’s wedding album from May 30, 2010. Wow, it’s almost been a year!

Until next time…hasta luego!

NOTE: If you need a great doctor (internal medicine specialist and pulmonlogist), Dr. Pablo Parra is only a phone call away. Please, as a matter of respect, don’t call him “Pablo”—always use the Usted form (you) for politeness and respect. I heard some expats calling him “Hey, Pablo” and I nearly fell off the exam table. We are taking cultural classes along with our Spanish and our teacher still uses the Usted form with her father (as a matter of respect). As you learn the right way of doing things, adjust your thinking, and then put it into practice.

Internal Medicine and Pulmonology
Hospital Monte Sinai
Miguel Cordero 6-111 y Av. Solano
Cuenca, Ecuador
Cell: 09-610-8523
Landline: 288-5595 (Ext. 2511)


Karen Kimbler said...

Hope you feel better soon. I am staying away from folks pretty much just so I don't contract this gripe! Glad you are able to catch up on your stories and relax with Mark waiting on you... now that deserves a photo!

Connie Pombo said...

Good girl because you don't want this! Yes, I'll try to get pics of Mark taking care of me! You take good care of yourself and wear a mask if you have to! Un abrazo muy fuerte -- Connie

Idea Merchant said...

Hi Connie,

Writing to ask whether you are still as enthusiastic about Dr.Perra. By now, you must have had more than 1 visit.

If possible, please respond ASAP here and to ideamerchat at

Thank you.


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