Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Good News...Bad News!

We received our medical cards in the mail yesterday (good news)!

Bad news: Our insurance doesn’t pay for any of the prescriptions we need!

I had to chuckle when we arrived at the pharmacy and everything came up in the computer as “denied.” Not that I had high hopes, but it was disappointing to see “denied” after all the paperwork we had to go through. However, if you take into consideration that medication is one-fifth to one-tenth the cost of what it would be in the States, we’re still only paying $40 a month or less for all our prescriptions.

We look at our medical as insurance against something catastrophic (after all we want to leave our boys an inheritance!) so we will continue to pay $81 a month, which includes healthcare for both of us. Because you just never know when you might fall into a “femur” breaker like I almost did today.

We were walking along Remigio Crespo and I was admiring all the gorgeous spring flowers (trees!), but I forgot the cardinal rule in Ecuador: Stop, plant your feet, and then look or take a picture. But today the sidewalk just jumped up and almost swallowed me up!

The streets and sidewalks are fairly uneven all over Cuenca and sometimes there are cracks in the cement, metal objects sticking up out of the pavement and today—two huge holes that were three feet deep! Mark grabbed my arm right before I almost “dug” myself into a hole.

We have had a few close calls since we arrived in Ecuador and we’ve had many friends who have taken some bad falls. My hubby already broke his hip a couple of years ago, so we’re not taking any chances. Medical care in Cuenca is excellent and the cost is one-fifth of what it would be in the States, so we feel a little bit better about stepping into “femur” breakers knowing that our medical insurance will cover up to six months in the hospital if it's accident related.

Evidently, we got our medical insurance just in time; our particular company (Humana) will only accept persons 55 years or younger. I’m sure there are other companies that will insure you if you’re older, but it may cost you considerably more.

Like anything in Cuenca, there’s the good and the bad, but for us…it’s all GOOD!

Until next time…hasta luego!

P.S. I'll leave you with some springtime pictures (no wonder I can't keep my eyes on the sidewalk!).


Miss Footloose said...

Good news indeed about health insurance. We spent a few weeks in Cuenca in September and loved it. Your photos are beautiful -- spring? Is there really a noticeable spring? I thought it was pretty much the same weather all year around!

We may come back for a longer period if we don't go on another asignment abroad for a few years again first. Will see. In the meantime I will enjoy reading your blog and others about Cuenca.

Good health care or not, don't fall and break something!

Connie Pombo said...

Hola Miss Footloose,
We pretty much have spring all year long, but it's just more prolific. Or maybe it's because the colors are more brilliant this time of year? I'm hopping over to your blog to read!

Lilly said...

We had Humana (in Quito, from Jan -Oct 2009)
They refused to pay for regular eye exam and my Ob-Gyn exam, we canceled it immediately.
If they refused to pay for something routine, do you believe they would pay for the stay in hospital?

Connie Pombo said...

Oh no, Lilly, this is terrible. We need to check into this further. What insurance do you have now or do you?

Lilly said...

We don't have an insurance now. We pay as we go. This year we spent (I keep budget so I know to the dollar)

January $590
February $203
March $172
September $154
With insurance it was a lot of paperwork what amounted to nothing - they negated/rejected everything we submitted.
And our insurance wasnt cheap one - monthly pay $100 for Leo and $60 for me.

Connie Pombo said...

Thanks, Lilly. I agree, the paperwork is ridiculous. We did find out that they pay for Mark's high blood pressure meds and heart medication, but after we go to the doctor (pay $25) for a visit to have him fill out the form, it would cost less to just buy it without the script because each time the Rx is filled you need a new form for the doctor to fill out. Umph! Thanks for the breakdown of your costs; it will help us to make our decision!

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