Thursday, May 13, 2010

Back to the Embassy!

Did you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think, I better check on that!
Last night was one of those nights.

Yesterday I blogged on our Ecuadorian Embassy experience and ended with, "What about those criminal records?" We walked into the building with them and walked out without them. I turned to my husband in the car and asked, "Do you think it's important?"

"Nope, I think they just needed to see them," Mark answered, patting me on the shoulder with that "you worry too much" kind of gesture.

I gazed out the window as we passed by the Washington Monument and had that pit in the stomach feeling. "I'm not so sure about that," I said, gently putting my husband's hand back on the steering wheel! "Maybe we should go back and check on that. What do you think?" I added.

"You worry too much!" answered Mark, with a hint of irritation in his voice.

Well, it turns out that "yes" I do worry too much and the "voice" in the middle of the night was right!

We are headed back to the Embassy (next week) with our criminal records (notarized). Evidently, they lost them and "yes" we do need them!

So this was a costly error. Not only do we have to pay for our criminal records again, but we need to get them notarized and make a trip back to Washington DC and have them apostilled.

Lesson learned.

When in doubt, don't leave Washington DC without checking twice and then a third time! Listen to those little voices of wisdom that haunt you in the middle of the night; they just might save you a trip back to the Embassy!
Until next time...hasta luego!

Connie (for Mark who is running around getting our criminal records notarized!)

P.S. The good news: We get to have lunch at that great restaurant, "Tuscana West" and have the carcioffi and gamberetti pizza al fresco!

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Karen Kimbler said...

When will our husbands learn to listen to that voice too... and good, he should be doing the running about... I am going to tease him unmercifully when I meet him!

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